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Note: We encrypt your submission on upload, but you may, if able, further encrypt using our public PGP key. Our PGP key's fingerprint is A04C 5E09 ED02 B328 03EB 6116 93ED 732E 9231 8DBA

We also encrypt the below form on upload. The form is for WikiLeaks staff information only. Although no fields are mandatory we recommend providing this information where possible.

To ensure WikiLeaks can publish with maximum impact while protecting sources, please don't contact anyone else, including other media, about your submission.
If you have any questions, you can chat with the WikiLeaks editorial office here.
What are the main subjects or topics that this submission concerns?
Has this material been published before, and if so, where?
(describe how you know it has not been published elsewhere - for material under censorship attack, or accidentily exposed, please list the URLs or publication issue and date concerned)
Which organisations, groups or individuals are involved in this material?
(comma separated list)
Which organisations, groups or individuals would officially have access to this material?
(ie is it officially distributed throughout all people in organisation x or to multiple people in a group of organisations, or just to a few people etc, and who are they all?)
What is the threat to the sources?
(material can be obtained by one or more sources from an organisation and flow through others before it comes to us, what are the risks to these people, that we need to be aware of, or are there none at all?)
Necessary publication timeframe:
If there is some urgency in publishing this material you can set an urgency time here. Please describe these reasons below to ensure WikiLeaks can attempt to adhere to this.
What's the reason for choosing this timeframe?
If your submission is relevant to a current issue, please provide details including urls about the current event.
Do not publish before this date:
(We will hold back the publication until AFTER this date, incase, for example, you need to leave your job first. if the date is conditional on some event, please leave the field and describe the event in your "instructions to Wikileaks staff")
Day: Month: Year:
When was the material created?
(a year or date range is fine)
Provide any specific details or methods you think will assist in verifying your submission.
Any further information or instructions to WikiLeaks staff for handling and publishing of this material.